Employment for Women Veterans

On this episode of The Dog Tag, Matt Elledge talks with Nicole Anderson, the Women Veterans Employment Coordinator for the Women Veterans Program at the Texas Veterans Commission. Nicole and Matt discuss topics such as career counseling, resume assistance and interview techniques. They also cover some of the unique challenges that Women Veterans face when seeking employment including child care and homelessness.

The Dog Tag: Employment for Women Veterans
(L-R) Nicole Anderson & Matt Elledge

Show Notes:

Introduction. [:47]

How the TVC Women Veterans Program helps Women Veterans find employment. [2:33]

The barriers that Women Veterans face when seeking employment. [4:12]

How the program provides career counseling, job search and resume assistance, and interview preparation. [5:14]

Nicole gives advice on how to succeed at a job fair. [7:04]

Are many Women Veterans returning to school to earn degrees or learn new skills? [9:52]

Specific skills and abilities Women Veterans bring to the workplace. [10:58]

Benefits that attract Women Veterans to a particular employer. [12:39]

What the Women Veterans Professional Network is and how to join. [14:47]

Other organizations who help Women Veterans. [16:32]

Upcoming events for Women Veterans. [17:32]

Does the Women Veterans Program help military spouses? [18:16]

Helpful Resources:

Texas Workforce Commission

Grace After Fire

Catholic Charities Houston

St. Louise House

TVC Education Assistance for Veterans

Dress for Success: Austin, Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi and San Antonio

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