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A stupendo fantabulously phantasmagorically magical year for the Doge!

Buckle up shibes, it’s time to recap the best of all years for Own The Doge. In 2023, we didn’t just dip our paws into the Doge meme pool; we dove headfirst, making waves in a manner no other meme community even dreams of! Thanks to our deep bond with Atsuko, the esteemed Doge Mama, we’ve not only connected to the roots of the meme but also acted as a catalyst for the entire world to connect with Kabosu, the Doge on a deeper, more personal level.

Together, we’ve turned Doge from a mere meme into a living legend, and this journey has only just begun.

What is Own The Doge?

Highlights of 2023

  • We ventured into the realm of fluff and legend to meet the one and only Doge. Yes, you heard that right — we came face-to-face with the very embodiment of our beloved meme.
  • We cranked up the Doge-o-meter to the max and registered the inaugural International Doge Day — a global celebration of all things Doge!
  • We planted the roots of Doge fandom deep in the heart of Japan, erecting a Bronze Doge Statue that stands tall as a testament to our community’s devotion.
  • And the pièce de résistance: we’re in the process of crafting a feature-length documentary that will immortalize the story of Doge for generations to come! Picture it — the Doge saga unfolding on the silver screen 🎬

Our pack has become even more pawsome with the latest additions to the Doge Improvement Council — a trio of canine connoisseurs named Elliotherium, Cryptopathic, and The Big Gooey. These dogely minds have joined our ranks, bringing a tidal wave of barktastic ideas and tail-wagging enthusiasm.

Monthly Breakdown of all things $DOG-


January marked the beginning of an iconic year for Doge, and while it started on a somber note with news of Kabosu falling ill, our Doge spirit rallied together.

  1. We hosted Kabosumama on Twitter spaces, where the entire pack gathered for a heartfelt update on Kabo’s health. The power of 2000+ shibes uniting in prayer was nothing short of miraculous, as our beloved legend wagged its way back to health.
  2. In collaboration with Layer3, we orchestrated a Pixel Minting Bounty, opening the gates for a new pack of shibes to witness the Doge’s wow🟨
  3. We announced a Pleasr House episode featuring the auction of the actual couch from the iconic Doge meme, all for the noble cause of charity. The internet’s love for the idea was infectious, echoing our commitment to Do Only Good Everyday!


February unfolded with a paw-some event that etched its mark in Doge History — the Doge Couch Auction.

  1. Atsuko and Kabosu took center stage, bringing the Doge community together in a live encounter filled with shared memes, curious questions, and infectious vibes. As the auction reached its peak, the excitement soared when Doge5com swooped in with an 11th-hour bid of 21ETH, claiming victory and adding a golden chapter to the Doge saga.
  2. In a groundbreaking move, we minted the first-ever image of Kabosu as an Open Edition NFT. The fanbase for this historic creation skyrocketed, mirroring the immense significance of its origin. This First Doge NFT marked the commencement of a journey where meme connoisseurs connected deeply with the roots of a meme, fostering a vibrant and ever-growing Doge legacy.
  3. A total of $69K was raised from The Doge Couch Auction, First Doge NFT mints and Dogecoin Donations which went to Save The Children charity.


  1. We launched Wanwan — a platform where meme enthusiasts can effortlessly host competitions and tap into the best artists for their communities. It’s a hidden gem, brimming with untapped potential and user-friendly automation.
  2. A fund of 1M $DOG was earmarked for commissioning whacky ideas through Nouns Prop House. We created cool Doge art, brought a Moon Rock for Doge and supported artists through that.
  3. The Doge Pilgrimage was announced, offering a voyage to the serene landscapes of Japan, the hallowed home of Kabo-chan. It presented a chance to wag tails alongside the actual Doge and her momma – a monumental stride never taken by any meme community before.


  1. The Doge Documentary was announced! The story of Kabosu is one worth telling and there is no one better than Jon Lynn to do so. Doge to Hollywood, mainstream, metaverse and beyond!
  2. We locked in Bad Luck Brian to fly out with us for the Doge Pilgrimage, screened applicants, made reservations and buckled up for the upcoming adventure.
  3. In tandem with this, we launched our most substantial giveaway ever. One fortunate Pixel Holder snagged the opportunity for an all-expenses-covered ticket to the Pilgrimage — an opportunity of a lifetime!
  4. Energized by the Pilgrimage buzz, we brought Bad Luck Brian and Kvng Ape from the Oh My Gawd meme onto Twitter spaces for meme borkouts, rekindling the flames of interest in real-life memes.


DREAM becomes MEME as a group of 27 Doge fans embark on a Fellowship of the Doge.

  1. The OTD team met with a bronze foundry in Japan and locked them down to set the wheels rolling on our Bronze The Doge initiative. This Bronze statue of the Doge was a collective initiative of many Dogely frens with all funds raised from the much wow Doge Community.
  2. We met with the Mayor of Sakura City and sealed the permission for placing the Bronze statue in Kabosu’s favorite park.
  3. The day of meeting the Doge was nothing short of magical. Atsuko awaited us, surrounded by her friends, and there she was — the legendary Kabosu. The heartwarming welcome, a multitude of Shiba Inus and their owners, all astonished by a group of tourists travelling the world to meet their beloved Kabosu, created an unforgettable scene. Pictures were snapped, memories etched, and the entire experience was live-streamed for Doge fans worldwide.
  4. An iconic meme collab happened at Atsuko’s home- Doge x Bad Luck Brian. The image instantly took over the internet becoming Reddit’s most-loved image of the month. With millions of impressions, immense press coverage and loads of nostalgia, it was a perfect Open Edition mint with part of the proceeds going to charity.


  1. Our team joined Taho’s community call and spread the word about $DOG to thousands of listeners. The 1-hour call was a perfect rundown of what our project is, what have we done in the past and what we plan to do in the future!
  2. We Procured the Rarest Substance on Earth- a Moon Rock! As a part of a Nouns Prop House Proposal, community member Rybo won a grant of 0.2 ETH to help us procure a piece of the moon
  3. As a part of 6/9 celebrations, behind the scenes from the internet’s most beloved meme of the month, Doge x Bad Luck Brian was released on Twitter.
  4. Game Nights on Discord- It’s had been a while since we had some activities on Discord so we organised 2 game nights with community members joining in to play easy-to-learn games and have some Thursday dogely fun.
  5. Twitter Spaces with Neko Alliance- We had a spaces call with neko alliance, a Japan-based NFT community which had over 700 listeners who were excited to learn about the project and the awesome things we did in Japan.


  1. A proposal for the second round of funding for the Doge Documentary was passed through a community vote on Discord.
  2. All frens who held $DOG on 24th April, 2023 were eligible to claim an airdrop of $ANFD- the fractionalised Angry Doge NFT, another provenance token.
  3. Community events like Discord Game nights, Joke Race bounties and $DOG to WebX Asia happened. Kabosu was supposed to attend the WebX event but her health took a hit, and once again, prayers were answered and she wagged her tail back to health.


  1. We embarked on a new era of Indogependence. The core team was to transition into The Doge Improvement Council: A 5 Doges pack aiming for the proliferation of Doge and $DOG. These puppers were charged with the responsibility of overseeing the Bark Tank and daily operations of Doge DAO.
  2. Tridog continued as Project Manager. Smoke and Shubh, our all-rounders were moved to the DIC. Path, a long-time friend and the owner of 5/8 Kabosu Zora Auction pictures accepted our invite to theDIC alongside Elliothereum, a determined Doge enthusiast and brand expert.
  3. Elections were announced for the remaining DIC spot and we did individual Twitter Spaces with all the candidates for the community to interact. Such democracy!
  4. We partnered with STEPN for a much wow collab on the occasion of International Dog Day. Doge Walkers- a STEPN Genesis Sneaker was introduced on ETH Blockchain!

September 🥺

  1. The disheartening news of Balltze hopping the twig reached us in August. To honor the Cheems’s legacy, we delivered all heartfelt messages from the community to his mom and received a special message from her to read out during Woof Weekly 100.
  2. Doge Day was announced in collaboration with Kabosumama herself. A grand 18th borkday party for Kabosu, a Bronze Statue unveiling and the first ever International Doge Day- all were to come together on November 2nd to make it a holy holiday for the Doge.
  3. We partnered with Retro Doges for their much-wow NFT launch. These interoperable Doge-themed NFT characters were used as giveaways and Pixel Perks.
  4. Path strengthens the bond between artists, NFD and Own The Doge by commissioning 6 different Doge Art NFTs, 3 of which were airdropped as Pixels Perks!


  1. The Doge Improvement Council becomes a complete pack of 5 with the addition of Big Gooey, who won the elections with a power of 200M $DOG backing him. Such voter turnout!
  2. We filed for a change.org petition on including Doge in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary because why not?
  3. Doge Day picks up heat as news articles and tweets pile up organically. The Doge community made our bork loud and clear. The Doge Renaissance was in the making!
  4. Tay Zonday, the legendary voice behind the Chocolate Rain song and Bad Luck Brian, the legendary meme were locked to rub shoulders with us on Doge Day. Such meme meetup.


  1. The Day was finally here! Internet’s favorite dog turned 18. The party began with Discord Games, followed by a much wow Borkday spaces on X. Over 5,000 doggos wagged their tails with us as we live-streamed the celebrations from Japan on X, Pleasr House and Upland Metaverse.
  2. The Mayor of Sakura City cut the ribbon and over 200 Doge enthusiasts from all around the world gathered alongside Atsuko and Kabosu, marking a very special day in our furry friend’s life.
  3. Games, food, press, Doge Documentary crew, Kabosu fan club, Japanese influencers, YouTubers, Doge Day sponsors, DOGS- from all over Japan, Pre-launch Doge Merch, Decentralised Dance Party, banana costumes with bubble guns and neon lights!!
    NO words can explain that vibe, you need to watch this aftermovie to get a glimpse of magic.
  4. The iconic meme collab between Tay Zonday, Bad Luck Brian and Doge was minted as an NFT, with some lucky minters getting an IRL Bronze Paw Print of the Doge. Only 18 ever made!
  5. We received a letter of appreciation from the Mayor of Sakura City, congratulating us and informing us that the Bronze Doge statue has become a major tourist attraction with people coming to visit from all parts of Japan and the world!
  6. Atsuko and Kabosu were honoured by the Mayor. It was indeed a magical moment for them and several blog posts, tweets and Instagram posts from Atsuko around Doge Day make it heartwarming!
  7. As this iconic month came towards an end, we launched our official merch store with the blessings of Doge and Atsuko.


  1. We’ve upgraded to a ranged liquidity position, locked half of the LP for 5 years and moved this half to a WSTETH pair, to accrue interest on our ETH, which will be fed back into our market.
  2. During the holidays, Doge bought wow in the form of daily giveaways. 12 Days of Dogemas was a huge success that helped us bring Doge Merch, $DOG and Meme Collab NFTs to our wonderful community.
  3. The Bronze Doge Statue was listed on Google Maps, making it a tourist landmark in Sakura!

As we prepare to bid adieu to this incredible year, let’s pawse and reflect on the magical moments we’ve conjured in the Doge realm. Join us as we build a vibrant Doge legacy, wag our tails with pride, and bask in the glory of our collective achievements. The year may be ending, but the bark of Own The Doge echoes through time — a testament to the indomitable spirit of our pack🐾✨



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