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5 min readDec 30, 2021


It was a helluva year for doge.

(In case you missed it, just peek this or this or this.)

She found a new owner in PleasrDAO✨

Then she was Fractionalized.

Now she’s back in the hands of her loyal worshipers.

So what hath Le Doge NFT community accomplished in 2021?

And what might be coming in the year of the tigerdoge, 2022…

Timeline of fun times

  • Doge visited Shibuya Square in Tokyo
  • The Doge NFT ($DOG) Launch Party in NYC
  • Bark Tank (community fund) launched to support community creators
  • 1,696,969 $DOG tipping stimulus airdropped to verified holders in Discord
  • Tridog joins DOG priests
  • Doge sneaks into Sotheby's Metaverse
  • DOG DAO (ownthedaoge.eth) genesis in a first historic vote
  • Snapshot community governance implemented to vote on major decisions with their $DOG, including 4 total votes in 2021
  • 1696 Fast Food Doges collab with Fast Food Frens
  • Doga Lisa 1/1 auctioned for 6.9 ETH with proceeds going to charity & a star is born:
  • PizzaDAO collaboration
  • The Doge NFT displayed in Prague Castle
  • Inaugural meme competition
  • Virtual Bacon love
  • DOG shrine and Pleasr palace galleries in Museum District of Decentraland — with doge helmets, Paris Hilton, and auction for community made doge art
  • community website launched with Mona Lisa flippening tracker, Dog Jones Index (DJI) and 1 Million $DOG giveaway contest
  • Japes is named, “a very nice guy”
  • Trended #1 on CoinGecko for NFTs
  • 100 DOG wallz during
  • First $DOG meetup
  • Wolf of Wallstreet dog pilled
  • 14 days of Dogesgiving
  • Community project SnoopDAO launches and locks nearly 1 billion DOG
  • Bounties paid in $DOG launched via Layer3 XYZ — new opportunities to earn $DOG always dropping
  • Kabosu’s 16th birthday and the longest wow thread in her honor with over 1,000 wows, 200,000 impressions, and 30,000 views
  • Paco joins the DOG priests
  • !gm !wow bot launched
  • $1 Million of the MISO Auction proceeds donated to Save The Children in Afghanistan + The Doge NFT community leading all crypto doners
  • Hype Partners hired by community
  • VIP (Very Important Puppers) alfa and perks channel in discord for any $DOG holder with 16,969 DOG or more
  • Temple of Dog opened for praising in The $DOG Park Discord
  • Listings on CEXs (, MEXC Global)
  • Rari Capital Fuse Pool opened for DOG holders
  • The Doge NFT voted as “Best NFT Collected by a DAO in 2021” by RARA (winning with 3 minutes left on the polls)
  • Announcement for $DOG community to have its own island in the Nifty Island metaverse
  • $DOG coined as ‘Top 5 BSC Memecoin’
  • $250,000 in proceeds via the DOG MISO auction donated to START Rescue, a dog shelter nonprofit supported by PleasrDAO member RAC as well as Ireland and Kim Basinger
  • Paco’s Doge Generals NFT created
  • Schizo Sermons launched by Paco on Mondays at 2pm ET
  • Bark Tank funds 7 community projects, including the Pupper Pixel Portal, Fast Food Doges, and a mysterious world-famous puppet studio creation

We Found These Numbers, Do You Like Them?

{{to be sung}} and a dogmas in a pear tree!

2022 Roadmap Sneak Peek

We also know how our doggos love alfalfa and tingz to get excited about.

Here’s our first take on the $DOG 2022 roadmap, but we will be refining and expanding this in January…

  • DOG DAO community ownership plan, including MOAR mods and a Bark Tank Community Council
  • Hype Partners Campaign announced: Church of Doge
  • Pupper Pixel Portal launching (Bark Tank)
  • $750k in donations left to give from MISO auction ($250k to Ace of Spades dog charity & $500k earmarked to yield farm via Angel Protocol and donate the proceeds)
  • New community website with doge shrine to sacrifice NFTs by burning them and meme wall (with help from Pleasr Labs and Bark Tank)
  • Bark Tank introduces seasons with the first being Doge Relics & Rituals
  • Zona joins as FT DOG priest second week of January — welcome him!
  • 2nd Meme Comp led by Paco: Origins of Holy Doge
  • Sandbox Dogeboarding game dropping (Bark Tank)
  • P2E DOGE 2048 NFT game launches (Bark Tank) — whitelist available
  • Nifty Island metaverse opens for $DOG followers and Pleasr fam
  • MOAR artist collabs — introduce The Doge NFT to your favorite artists and influencers
  • IRL experiences… ETH Denver, Tokyo “yearning man” summer, your town?
  • @iamyourcryptonite TikTok videos launched
  • Pleasr AMAs launched w/ Red Phone numero uno
  • Allow staked $DOG to vote in Snapshot (Snoop, Rari, Pixel)
  • MOAR Twitter
  • MOAR Bassjackers?
  • Community call in Doge Temple?
  • Full moon howling?
  • Start our own religion?

Much love to our dogs around the moon & metaverse ❤

And may the doge guide you in this new glorious year



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