Stop Chasing Followers

Social media marketing can be a very powerful and complex thing. Organizations far too often measure success by followers or page fans. This attempts to measure the success of a very complex landscape in a singular dimension and that singular dimension is one of the least valuable of the hundreds available. Likes, fans, and followers can be bought; leaving you with a mountain of unengaged people. Some might argue that the more followers you have the more people see your content; assuming this is a mistake. If people aren’t engaging with your content then your content simply won’t be served to them, regardless if they are page fans.

So what to do.

Engage and provide value to people. For example, one of my clients provides healthcare certifications (CPR/First Aid and more) and their success measure is sign ups and to a lesser extent page fans on Facebook. They were asking people to sign up for classes. The results of this effort had flatlined. We took a new approach by providing test prep questions on Facebook. Then we boosted the posts to an engagement audience and a lookalike. The system we used pulls the user’s Facebook contact information and auto shares upon completion and, over time, will show us who is engaging most often. Not only does this provide value for the customer but it positions the brand very well in the market, collects targetable contacts and helps identify customers who may be instructor candidates.

The ROI has been impressive.

So toss fans and followers out. Engage and provide value and all else will fall into place.

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