My keys for happiness

They say you gotto preserve the precious things you’ve earned, looking back at my life the most precious gift I’ve earned is being trained and blessed with ability to play music, the gift of being trained as a keyboardist.

But amidst chasing hell lot of things in life I had stopped nurturing this child. Should say I had best time of my life when I was performing with my band Mystixz and then write about device drivers and do some Linux system programming by middle of the night.

When the question of purpose of life and existence haunts my mind, times when I get emotionally disconnected or when I cannot relate any emotions with the piece of logic I write for living (you guessed it right, I write code for living) it brings me more closer to the blessing I’ve earned.

Even with my insane love for tech writing and programming I dont feel complete without Music. I believe this is the time to slow down the greed for success in career and live more towards peace and satisfaction, that is to really live a life. There are two occasions when I really feel special as an individual, one is when I experiment something in tech and then blog about and later share my knowledge over internet and the other is when I record myself singing with piano/keys and listen back to that piece, no matter how crappy technically it could be but it just makes me feel awesome and there is no match to that joy, it pumps me up to stay up for rest of night to take up the role of satisfying the geek inside me!

From a psychological point of view I could feel the advantage of being pushed out of what I call as the Programming and Business pit ! I feel in the process of always working towards gain, having big ambitions in life and working day and night towards progress and getting a piece of code to work I’ve forgotten to live a life beyond that, I could sense the hot spots and hyper activity around the logical part of my mind, I believe that’s when an individual stops thinking beautifully and loses the sense of being in love with life. I feel the need for a beautiful life and I sense that it doesn’t need truck loads of money to do that. I feel the need to live a satisfied life and to not to seize to think beautifully. That means more spending time with loved ones, more recording and listening to myself, more reading and learning, more courses on coursera, more tech blogs and more of sharing the few things I know with the community, this also means finding a means for living which could allow me this balance. I feel no matter how much money I could end up making or the positions in career I could potentially climb, my key for happiness always stays the same. A programming job with work/life balance, finish your day off at work and record something singing with piano, put it out and blog around it, contribute to open source, learn more about technology and fundamentals of computing and blog about it and share with the rest of the world. Its better not to realize at the end of your life that you lever lived one.

And yes, below is my recording of vocals/piano cover of wither by Dream Theater, lot of screw ups, but this will be my routine, just record something everyday and then blog about it! The journey begins here…….

There are lot of accent related issues and lack of synchronization singing with keys! Nevertheless its me and that makes me happy!

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