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Introducing The Double Jump

My name is Sedem Anyiri, and I’m the editor of The Double Jump, a Medium publication centered around video gaming on all platforms.

I want to build a community of writers and readers who are all love with one thing: video games. Of course, this can’t be done without the writers. Before that, though, a small introduction.

About The Double Jump

Video gaming has always been a passion of mine, and after slowly wandering away from it as a result of a rigorous academic schedule, the COVID-19 lockdown placed me looking for a way to kill time. I ended up going on a gaming nostalgia trip, and stumbled upon The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as a way to revive my love for gaming.

Having never played the game before, I had no idea what I was in for. I played on and off for months, before settling in to the final part of the game. I completed the game in April 2021, and it left a mark on me like no other game had.

Hundreds of thoughts and theories about the game circled around my head upon completion. I wanted somewhere to express my views with fellow gamers — I was already a member of Medium, and after giving it some thought, I decided to launch The Double Jump.

What to submit

If it’s gaming-oriented, then you’ve already hit the first checkpoint! The Double Jump is first and foremost a hub for gaming news, theory, reviews and walkthroughs for a community of gamers to enjoy. With that said, be sure to double-check over your work to ensure that it’s not any type of prose (this includes fanfiction and poetry).

Here at The Double Jump, we welcome opinionated content! Want to talk about the creepiness of the moon in Majora’s Mask, or rank every Call of Duty title from best to worst? This is the place to do it! Whether you have experience or not, I, and the rest of this community, will support you to put your content out in the open.

How to write for The Double Jump

Reply to this post with the comment “I want to be a writer!” Once you’ve done so, sit tight, and you’ll soon be a writer!

Additional Info

  • Unpublished pieces are preferred, but both drafts and published articles will be considered. Make sure that if the article is news-focused, it’s still relevant (i.e. not a rumor for a game’s release that has already been debunked)
  • Your article will be published within 24 hours — if you have waited longer than this and it still hasn’t been published, leave a private note in this post by highlighting this text and selecting the speech bubble with a lock inside it
  • In the future, an Instagram page may be created for The Double Jump, which will feature all articles from this publication. If you would prefer that your content isn’t shared on social media, let me know.

An upcoming style guide is in the works, and as we get this publication moving, let’s support each other and make this the best gaming publication that Medium has ever seen.




If you love gaming, you’ve come to the right place — The Double Jump is home to video game news, theory, analysis, and more!

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