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How lessons from computer vision applications in geo will impact bio image analysis (Part 1)

By Nick Weir (Senior Data Scientist, In-Q-Tel CosmiQ Works), JJ BenJoseph (Member of Technical Staff, In-Q-Tel B.Next), and Dylan George (VP, Technical Staff, In-Q-Tel B.Next). This is part 1 of a collaboration between CosmiQ Works and B.Next, and is cross-posted at both blogs.




As of March 2021, CosmiQ Works has been folded into IQT Labs. An archive will remain here to showcase historical work from CosmiQ Works that took place July 2016 — March 2021.

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Nick Weir

Nick Weir

Data Scientist at CosmiQ Works and SpaceNet 4 Challenge Director at the SpaceNet LLC. Advancing computer vision and ML analysis of geospatial imagery.

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