A brief history on our community.

The Dream Sanctuary is a fairly laid-back gaming community made up of a group of friends that spent years of their life playing Minecraft together on a server called The Voxel Box. And, not gonna lie, we made some pretty epic builds.


The Voxel Box was around for many years and it was a great part of our lives. It was truly a pioneer in the Minecraft creative & modding space. Unfortunately, The Voxel Box community fractured in 2014 and many of us decided to part ways and form a new home, otherwise known as “The Dream Sanctuary”.

New Minecraft Server Announcement, July 2014

Today we mostly play an assortment of games, ranging from Overwatch to DnD. And If you’d like to join our small community, we’d love to have you! Head over to the link below and checkout how to join our Discord,

We hope to see you soon!

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