A Working Mother’s New Year Resolutions

If I write them on Medium, then they must stick, right? OK, here I go:

  1. I will only volunteer for school activities where I actually see my kids. Sure I have great skills which could serve my school well, but my scarcest resource is my time and I am going to save that for my family.
  2. I will spend 10 minutes a day catching up on the world news of the day. I can tell you all you want to know about the tech industry, but don’t ask me about anything else. Unless it involves kendamas. And that is just plain wrong.
  3. I will go to bed at 11 p.m. no matter what. The truth is after 11 p.m. I am shopping on Amazon, I’m not writing press releases. Or I’m playing Frozen Free Fall. Which is in essence quality time, but it is the type of quality time that results in me yelling at my kids the next morning.
  4. I will have one “date night” with my husband a month. I won’t call it that because it sounds lame, but I will spend more quality time with the big guy. I actually remember how much I like him when we are talking about something other than kids’ schedules.
  5. I will find 5 meals I can cook without sweating (or swearing). I would add 
    “that everyone likes” to this one, but one more resolution I have is giving up on making everyone happy. I could also add “that don’t involve the microwave” but I’m keeping it real.
  6. Bonus challenge resolution: I won’t compare, judge, worry, etc. etc. etc. My house is often messy. I could lose ten pounds. My daughter has a tendency to write on her walls. My sons play basketball in their room and regularly break picture frames. I can’t do a pull-up after two years at the gym. My youngest son picks his nose. I’m pretty sure he eats it but I’m not ready to admit that. Other people’s kids don’t do that. Other people have perfect homes, perfect bodies, perfect kids.

But seriously who cares? I have a pretty awesome life. And above all I resolve to enjoy and appreciate every minute of it.

Happy New Year to all of you!