It’s Not Because You’re a Mother
Eileen Stanley Conway

Husband’s Response

You neglect to mention that you’ve had a corner on over achievement for our entire marriage. Remember, we met when you were MY BOSS. I was the man-child in the office you took romantic pity on (which was hot).

Then you wrote a novel in YOUR SPARE TIME (after kids were asleep) last summer while I sat next to you reading Band of Brothers, Teen Edition.

With regards to our children, if I wander in after an eleven day business trip they will say “Hey” without breaking eye contact with the video game. In contrast, when you are out for an evening there is a six stage grieving/acting out process that involves me “force dressing” at least one of them into their pajamas.

So I’m glad you are going to give me this little ray of sunshine.

Re: Family chores, I thought I shared my recommendation to develop an outsourcing plan?