DropChain & Brander Urstoff Announce Strategic Partnership

DropChain is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Brander Urstoff, a German craft beer company that has been well-known among beer experts for its pure freshness, superior quality and rich taste for over 300 years. This partnership combines Brander Urstoff’s local distribution knowledge and industry expertise, with DropChain’s blockchain-based solution, to deliver a truly transparent, traceable and incentivized supply chain guaranteeing product authenticity for all brands.

Under the terms of this partnership, both parties will work together closely to develop the end-to-end supply chain ecosystem targeting the $1.5T global food trade, powered by an industry-first gamified, tokenized incentive structure using blockchain technology.

DropChain founder Billy Chan and Brander Urstoff GM Felix Wendlandt

This unique approach will not only increase adoption rates and stakeholder engagement across supply chains, it will also drive transparency and traceability into the food industry. At the same time, it will deliver laser-focused market data to global brands like Brander Urstoff, enabling them to make faster, well-informed, and more timely business decisions
We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a safer and healthier world for future generations to come. By working alongside amazing brands such as Brander Urstoff, we are one step closer to that solution.

About DropChain:

DropChain is a supply chain ecosystem addressing the need for transparency and traceability in the global food and beverage trade. We leverage tokenized blockchain technology to create an innovative gamified incentive program that rewards physical distribution channels, driving real participation and engagement in modern supply chains.

With an established market base in China through our parent company Foowala, we’ve already managed hundreds of unique brands and over 1000 SKU’s. With our years of hyper-local experience in the marketplace, in addition to our strong technical teams, we envision this project will change the face of food and beverage distribution for years to come.

About Brander Urstoff:

Brander Urstoff incorporates German brewing techniques with best German ingredients as well as purest Chinese water to create handcrafted brews that have been renowned for their freshness. Every month more and more bars add Brander Urstoff’s craft brews. Currently Brander Urstoff has its footprint in 25 cities and more than 250 bars, hotels and restaurants.

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