What is the value of Cryptocurrencies if Countries are Digitizing their own Currencies?

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The Industry Doesn’t stop Changing

The Industry spends too much time on the wrong things

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Twitter & Social Media


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China is paving the way through WECHAT

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They have turned their RMB currency into an actual cryptocurrency.

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For the Crypto industry, there is nothing more important than Mass Adoption.

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  1. B2B &C— Banking
  2. B2C — Online Gambling
  3. B2B&C — Loans
  4. B2C — Games
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  1. Logistics, Retail & E-commerce. — Too many factors will stop it’s growth. There are just too many eggs in the basket. Deciding who gets what first and how much would prove to be something people find almost impossible to overcome.
  2. Farming, distribution & F&B — Similar reasons. The act of putting “credit/$” into apps and making payment….there is something there. It’s just that nothing is concrete and it’s just too cut-throat of an industry to be messing about. Unlikely that progress will be made unless a major player comes in and invests big. Offering customers “an offer they can’t refuse” option to get market share is the only way forward.
  3. Property & Insurance — There is something here. I can’t personally quite pinpoint why I feel that way, but I feel that there is a big room for disruption in these two industries when it comes to crypto. There is room to slice out a lot of the superficial scams in both industries through blockchain and crypto.



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