So far I have competed most of the function part of my app. These functions are what makes the app such as:

  • Clicking an area of London and getting a result
  • A result screen with a map
  • Buttons to show map and other services
  • Database with stored results

To reach this stage it took a lot of planning to figure out what I want to make and what features I want in my app. I used the ‘brainswarming’ technique which is basically brainstorming without talking and instead writing down the ideas on a paper. We had a 30 second time limit to write down an idea and I instantly thought of making a wedding app. At that moment I had to think of a niche market or place of market my app could be popular in. As a British Bangladeshi my social life consisted of going to a lot of asian weddings therefore I wanted to find a way to include my culture in in this project. Asians put a lot of their energy and money into their weddings, this shows there is a lot of money in the asian wedding market. I had a revelation at that brainswarming session and decided I want to be part of the asian wedding market.

During the brainswarming session a few of my classmates were aiming to do an app which includes geolocation so I decided to include that in my idea. This means it will be easier to get help from them during the process as we are all learning how to include maps in our app at the same time therefore we can help each other along the way. This feature now impacted what my app should be about as I will be focusing on different locations in London.

So now I brought these 2 ideas together and decided to make a wedding app which shows details of the different venues around London.