You Have To Stop Seeing Yourself as a Loser’

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Party Up in ?HERE! We aren’t LOOSERS!, by Yobi

Well, yeah. Bear in mind this was a response. I pick and choose the things to focus on, so this isn’t about you, it’s about me.

You read that right, yet ask almost anyone you encounter, “is there anything perfect?”

Perfect: true to form and function, the only example of a thing. Oxford English Dictionary says perfect is having everything necessary, complete, and without faults or weaknesses.

Well? I can guess the likely answer based on your style, word choice, and the fashion with which you form your narrative, and yet, each of us is a perfectly unique individual. As unique individuals, against what perfection is one measured?

So why the saying, ‘Nothing is perfect’ or, ‘There was only one who is perfect’?

That insight is just the tip of the iceberg of programmed falshoods we have clunking around in our’ noggin. Pithy jingles and cutting witticism. When one digs into most of what is available, the exact opposite turns true. Such as don’t cheat or bully, yet every single cheater, bully, and — -hole I have ever known or know of runs a corporation, the government, or is in a blue uniform carrying a badge.

How about the ‘Boy Who Cried, Wolf’? The supposed lesson is never to give a false alarm. No one ever points out that the ‘life-saviors’ were derelict in their agreement! Talk about blaming a victim! Most folks I know only experience injustice at every Hall of Justice. Speaking of Justice, Lady Justice is blindfolded.

Why? Do you imagine it is because it shows she can be objective, or is it an acknowledgment that it is better if she doesn’t see who is padding the scales? How come you are innocent until proven guilty in criminal court while you have to prove your innocence in civil court? Seems that is a likely set up to give the criminal (if they have the dough to pay) a chance to wet the gears of government. Better still, keep the local law mercenaries employed to convince one juror to doubt. Why even have the right to represent yourself if you are a fool for doing so? Perhaps everyone SHOULD express themselves! Let’s talk about court cases. Court cases are judged based on the merits of the case, yet when you remove the context from which anything springs, you remove the subtlety within any drama that escalates to a courtroom. In all cases, it is just like a gamer of poker. If you come with a big enough bank, you can raise everyone at the table into oblivion!

These should demonstrate some of how ‘backward thingevryis’!! The demarcation between childhood and adulthood throughout almost all of human history has been the understanding and acceptance of our own mortality. Further, regardless of a degree, ANY DEGREE, of certainty of any form of life, reward, or punishment beyond death, has been the defining characteristic of maturity. To accept the fact of our death process emotionally and intellectually. In so doing, we gain an understanding of agency for the first time.

What agency actually is. The internal ‘feel’ of a will is free because it sees the foundational process of birth, life, and death. It comes from embracing absolute uncertainty. Accepting the fact of no guarantees entirely. Since the intelligent thing is to be prepared for our end at any moment, we may then choose our mode of operation after our own internal self-validation. From there, nature’s form, function, and structure take care of the rest. That is all! You are an adult!!

Or you should be.

Unfortunately, we have an enormous number of people who believe. I am no atheist, nor am I a theist. I am a realist! No matter anyone else’s beliefs, they have a right to think any thoughts they like. Agency is fundamental. Let’s face it, glaringly obvious basic natural facts regarding being a human and alive:

  1. We are all born(some are vatted, I suppose).

Our LIVES begin at birth, always have. The notion of discussing when and IF a viable fetus could survive outside the womb as the justification for identifying anything other than full-term birth as the start is beyond INSANE! Then folks want to argue whether rape or incest can be aborted? When did everyone get so damn wack-a-doodle? No belief or cultural expression should ever allow any rational being to rationalize the false re-defining of the most basic patterns in our reality! What are the pro-lifers intending?? Will they round up all recalcitrant birthing age women to cut out all of the fetuses to save them at the expense of another agency? What unapologetic HUBRIS!


2) The requirement of life is its death. PERIOD.

We have ‘innovators’ talking about never dying and making death a choice with a straight face! That should terrify anyone reading this! Someone who truly believes this will justify ANYTHING to avoid the stark, raving, gibbering darkness of their nightmares! It is a child’s reaction to the dark, and the stance that death is a choice is a child-like attempt at mature strength.

“Don’t like big ol’ mean death? Ignore it! Better yet, make it irrelevant! YEAH!!!!”

That their brilliant does not mean that they are mature! Not everything should be tried because it can be. That is the role of natural social pressure.

Nothing personal. Just the cause for all meaning in life, and the one experience we should be able to all understand and leverage that understanding to stop committing VIOLENCE on each other. That is kid’s stuff, man! The entire schoolyard rules immaturity. Grow up! Wait, I spent some time looking around. You know what? I cannot find any adults! Seriously!

A world of physically adult children who don’t know-how, understand, or want to grow up! Most everyone, in America for sure, resents having to grow up! The dissonance is so acute that folks are willing to embrace an illusory ETERNITY after death to feel entitled, self-assured, and excuse every gutless, irrational, ignorant justification for ‘staying the course’ as long as ‘someone else’ is responsible.’

Folks are blaming starvation on the starving, homelessness on the homeless, and folks even justify the unnecessary murders of Nagasaki and Hiroshima with a hypothetical future that didn’t happen. Regardless of anyone’s bullshit speculations, no one had the right to drop a nuke on them when they could have dropped one off the coast as a show of force first. Even if they had given the American people an opportunity to chime in on that national, world-changing decision.

Instead, we have a giddy Truman running around a yacht announcing the mass murder as a successful physics experiment proving time travel! Then casually dropped a “We’ll drop it on ya” whenever a less enlightened ‘leader’ disagreed with him.

This is a long way to let you know that you missed the mark here. ‘You have to stop seeing yourself as a loser?

That is the kind of advice I got in the third grade! AC2nd ACCEPTANCE is what is missing here. Not that you accept a proposition like ‘loser,’ rather the knowledge that anyone saying such ignorant things is someone who is still a child. Someone who cannot assess the futility of using thinking the second amendment will give folks any chance of surviving a corrupted government? If that were remotely true, these folks would get the numbers together to go and see what the hell is at Area 51. Say 30k? If they have anything that can wipe that many, and they do it, we will at least KNOW why they were prisoners of the slow creeping programming of everyone all day and night!

“You thought this was about me, didn’t you? It was, and still about you too.”

At any moment, you can release needing the validation of others, especially if you self-validate, gain agency, and grow the f-up! Except that you are still on the metaphorical playground leave it by accepting yourself, and just WAIT until the fog clears from your mind and you look around you! Man…..seriously. Don’t pass off schoolyard. Click chic advice as to any kind of wisdom. Some adult kids will believe you and end up in another unaccountable crappy situation and blame themselves, not you. I can’t blame you either. No one taught you, and I took 48 years to figure it out independently.



Birth is Life’s Promise that grows full, when we accept all as is, standing on the only Life Truth we can all know, building confidently on what loving actions will show.

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