Philadelphia Eagles Grey Color Rush Uniform Concept

Creating alternate uniform designs has always been a passion of mine. A few years ago I created a couple concept designs for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers. A few weeks back I decided to “refresh” some of my designs.

A fellow Twitter follower (@jakeyyrich)asked me to try a Grey uniform with Midnight Green helmet. I had attempted this combo a few years back, but never quite got it right. After many hours, I think I have the combination working well and looking fly.

One reason I really enjoy this design concept is that the Eagles could indeed use this design for their Color Rush uniform. The NFL has a rule about keeping “one helmet all season”, but that is limited to purely the helmet shell. A team can swap decals, face masks and about anything else they want, as long as the shell of the helmet remains the same.

“The NFL had quietly approved a recommendation by two of the league’s advisory panels — the Head, Neck, and Spine Committee and the Player Safety Advisory Panel — that limited teams from switching helmets during the season.” — Uni Watch

Special Features of this Design

  • Grey Uniform base with Midnight Green Numbers and Accents
  • Aero-Tec™ Polyester Name and Numbers
  • Color Reflecting Metallic Paint Speckle (Helmet Wings)
  • Single-color Black Eagles logo (Uniform and Helmet)
  • Semi-Matte Midnight Green Helmet base color
Philadelphia Eagles Color Rush Concept from Jacob Brooks

Alternate Views and Helmet Designs

Philadelphia Eagles Color Rush Concept Details from Jacob Brooks

I will be doing more of these concept designs to both further push the boundaries of the current landscape of what a traditional NFL Uniform looks like, as well as updating some traditional designs. If you like what you see, please give a clap and follow the Eagles Hub and Jacob Brooks on Twitter. Feel free to share, just please give credit.