Because The FBI Doesn’t Have Anything Better To Do?

“Shh. We’re hiding from the G-Men.”

Than scour animal sanctuaries for rescued piglets? At first I thought this must be a story from The Onion. Sadly, it is not:

An animal-rights group that rescued two piglets from a factory farm in southwestern Utah says the FBI has raided animal sanctuaries in search of the animals….
DxE now says the FBI raided two animal sanctuaries in recent weeks in search of Lucy and Ethel — Ching Farm Rescue in Herriman, Utah, and Luvin Arms in Erie, Colo. Hsiung said his group is not affiliated with either sanctuary.
The FBI acknowledged that it had visited both shelters, and the Smithfield spokeswoman referred questions about the case to the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office in Utah, which did not return a request for comment.
“I can say that we were at the two locations conducting court-authorized activity related to an ongoing investigation,” FBI spokeswoman Sandra Barker wrote in an email. “Because it’s ongoing, I’m not able to provide any more details at this time.”

I guess Big Ag really worries that if two piglets get rescued the rest of the millions of suffering pigs in factory farms will be next. We can only wish.

The Pigs Are Chasing Pigs

Anyhow, if this is how the FBI is spending its limited resources, Russian hackers, organized criminals, and banksters everywhere must be laughing all the way to their next crime scene.