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Twin Pillars of Containment: Intervention in Yemen and the U.S. Response

By Daniel Nevins

Cartoon by: The Oslo Times Political Cartoonist, Soheil Akbarpouran

Book Review: The Muslim Discovery of Europe (1982) by Bernard Lewis

With the triumph of relativism and the current economic woes of the West, the sense that Western civilization is…

Netanyahu’s Successful Failure

Netanyahu paid a high price to put together an unstable coalition with a bare-minimum majority

The Malay Crescent: Islam in the Indonesian Context

Part III: Whose Paradise?

There have been three primary categories of ideologically-based mass violence in…

Turkey and Saudi Arabia Move Against Assad

An effort is underway, led by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, mediated by Qatar, to unify the largest Syrian Islamist rebel brigades. With these…

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