Biomedical Science Academy

Eastside has a variety of clubs and and classes. Eastside students interested in pursuing careers in the medical or forensic field can join EHS’ Biomedical Science Academy.

“The Biomed program is good for students because we want to help students who want to go into the medical field,” says Biomed teacher Mr. Gomez. “We want to give them background knowledge so when they go to college, they’ll have knowledge that some students may not and their transition from high school to college won’t be that bad.”

Students in the Biomed program are involved in lots of activities, including investigating a fictional crime scene and diagnosing patients. These activities help students learn while connecting them to real world situations.

“I love this class because we do lots of cool labs and experiments that the other regular biology classes don’t get to do,” says one Eastside freshman.

The Biomed program prepares high school students for their future career while still allowing them to have fun.