The tower and main building at Marshall High

School board approves $11 million to repair iconic Marshall High buildings

LOS FELIZ — The L.A. school board has approved spending $11 million to complete repairs to the Gothic-style main building and tower at Marshall High after the necessary work proved much complicated and costly than originally anticipated. In 2012 the school district approved spending $1.1 million to fix the exterior after pieces of brick and concrete began to fall off the building at the corner of St. George and Tracy streets. But soon after that project was begun more problems were discovered, including water damage, in both the administration building and the tower, according to the school district.

The much larger expenditure will cover the cost of additional improvements and repairs to the tower, replacement of the roof, seismic strengthening and making the entrance more accessible, according to a statement issued by the office of Ref Rodriguez, who represents District 5 where Marshall High is located.

In addition, the school board also authorized spending $160,000 to modernize the school’s auditorium.

Principal Patricia Heideman, in a statement, said that the building, “is incredibly important to the community around Marshall and the alumni who have been so supportive of our students.

“The beautiful structure is symbolic of the legacy that Marshall has maintained throughout the years and is very dear to our community.”

Work on the project is scheduled to begin in the spring of next year.

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