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Nearly half of millennials prefer bitcoin over equity and real estate

A claim made by The Tokenist

Based on recent research performed by The Tokenist, 45% of millennials prefer Bitcoin above any other form of assets.

This is a big number. But in a way I get it.

For some time now, Bitcoin is almost seen as a way to instant wealth. This has made it a very popular, volatile and in fact dangerous asset class to invest in.

The problem is that Digital currencies will definitely have a role to play in the future. what that role will be is however up for debate. So where is the value or the asset behind something like Bitcoin?

Don’t get me wrong. I believe that a digital solution, without the restrictions that some of the world’s reserve banks are currently placing on their countries, will have extreme benefits. I am just not sure if that benefit is worth $15 432.

What do you think?



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