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Why do I write on Medium? Why do I have a YouTube channel?

This is not an article for you. Rather, an article written by me for me

It might sound crazy to publish an article on a platform where my performance is based on my ability to create content that is of value to the readers or viewers. But, sometimes, it is just too easy to get lost in the process.

You start, you create, you compare yourself to people posting articles and videos of how they made a boatload of money after only a month. You start chasing the money, fail, and get discouraged. When I say you. I obviously mean me.

In my day job, I believe in transparency. Especially when it comes to my vision and plan for a department. Why?

  • If I put forward a plan of action that is well thought out and documented. I have a plan and something to hold myself accountable to. See it as an oath of sorts.
  • When the plan is public, I have made a commitment. I need to honour that commitment.

Why did I want to start creating my own content? For several reasons.

  1. For self-improvement. To improve both my writing skills and presentation skills. Developing my ability to communicate with others.
  2. For opportunities. I have been declined an opportunity to gain experience in a field that I am very interested in. Financial analysis and markets due to my lack of banking or financial services clients during my article years. Well, through Medium and Youtube I am able to create my own opportunities and build up my expertise.
  3. To provide readers or viewers with knowledge. Knowledge about personal finance, the stock market, and business. Everything you need to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, writing and presenting on YouTube is a personal journey. One where somebody else out there will find value.



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