Love Committee — Law & Order (1978)

Songs That Describe Our Today

There are songs written from the past that describe our today. They were the best songs and still are the best songs. They are the best because people still like to listen to those old songs. One of those songs are by a group called Love Committee. The song is titled Law and Order (1978). We need law and order, and laws need to be made right. There is so much happening in our world, and sometimes it seems like the law is not on our side. If the law is not right, nothing is right. The world needs good law and order for everyone.

In the days of Love Committee, there were people robbing and killing like today. People rob and kill in many ways. They cheat, they steal, and they lie. As Love Committee mentioned in another song, Cheaters Never Win.

Another song by Love Committee is titled Pass the Buck. Employers on jobs hold back money from their employees. Today jobs are hard to get. Those same hard times were in the days of Love Committee as their songs were written. Now you know why groups could sing the way that they did with all of their hearts, and why songwriters wrote songs the way they wrote songs. There is always change in the music industry, but we never change as far as loving great music that tells us stories of our lives.