Melle Mel Talks about What’s Real

Locked in the Ghetto Bubble

Photo Credit: The Sit Down with EmEz

When Melle Mel was asked how he felt about hip hop in an interview with EmEz, he said that he did not like hip hop. He was talking about the hip hop of today. Melle doesn’t like the nasty thug look, and he doesn’t want to be represented by it. He doesn’t think that black people should be represented by it because that’s not really who we are. I have to agree with Melle Mel. I always say the same thing.

When I heard rap growing up, I don’t remember seeing so much gang banging. People just had a great time together in music. They were very talented like Melle Mel. His talent and hard work made him number 1. He did not have to go around acting ignorant to get somewhere. Mel did not have to prove that he was the toughest guy on the street which has nothing to do with music. In rap music, Melle Mel had something to say and people would listen. Listening to his words and music was more of a meaningful message to make you think or you were dancing.

Melle Mel said that he was nobody today to the media because he is thought of as someone who did what he did long ago. If that’s the case, there are many people that know the real truth and have heard better rap music from long ago. Melle Mel is part of that truth that many of us have heard in his time. The younger generation don’t know and understand what real rap is unless someone is there to teach them.

To me, rap music is dying today compared to what it use to be. The rappers are repeating themselves over and over like a broken record. I couldn’t even tell you the meaning of a rap song today. A lot of rap music today can’t be understood because it makes no sense. Sometimes even the beat is very weak and there is no feeling. Rap music sounds like a whole bunch of rappers on drugs half crazy or drunk today. In other words, they speak a foreign language, and radio disc jockeys sound as if they don’t know what to play. If rap music has to be about the street, Melle Mel could tell you some real stories through rap music. He could give you some meat on the bone. Melle talks about how crazy things got. Things appeared to be getting out of hand with rap music after I graduated from high school. I started hearing about rappers getting shot.

Hear Melle Mel’s thoughts about rappers today in the interview. He talks about being locked in the ghetto bubble and more.