The Ebony Cover of the Cosby Show Doesn’t Cause a Stir for Me

The reason the Ebony cover doesn’t cause a stir for me of the Cosby Show is because the Cosby Show was a show that I enjoyed knowing that Bill Cosby was just a man. I think the stir is Bill Cosby. The show was just entertainment telling a story about a black family. In real life, I had a family at home that I was happy with. As far as Bill Cosby, he has faults and is just a human being just like the rest of us. We need to separate reality from fantasy. It did not surprise me that women accused him of sexual assault. I do not know whether to believe it or not, but I was taught at home from childhood to think more highly of God. I think that I did look up to Bill Cosby a little bit, and I admired him that he was the kind of black man that he appeared to be. He was the first black man that I had seen in my childhood days to make African American cartoons.

The Cosby Show did not make me what I am today. I was too busy tending to what was real in my life. The Cosby Show is just a show that made me laugh and smile. It helped me in my relaxation and got my mind away from worries at the moments that I watched it in peace. To some people, it was more than a show. People are always looking at what is important to them about race. Some of us think to highly of others. I never did. So I don’t feel let down or get offended by the things that are going on with heroes. I expect others to make mistakes and to do wrong in the first place. The only one that is perfect is God, and it is going to take him to fix our worldly problems.