Day 6: Fixing the sales strategy

In our previous post HERE , we nailed down the product we are going to sell. Now that we have decided to sell Mobile phone Cases and Covers initially, we would need to fix a solid sales strategy for this. The sales strategy should cover the following elements:

Get regular quality TRAFFIC that just CONVERTS!
  • USP ( Unique Selling point ) of the product. ie. An Answer to: Why should someone buy our Phone covers & cases?
  • How to get these products ready? ie. whether the plan is to manufacture it -or- procure it from existing markets. The PRO’s & CON’s of both.
  • The online selling strategy.

Each of the above points has a lot to talk on. Lets cover the first point in this topic :)

USP ( Unique Selling point -or- Unique Selling proposition )

Every product I see sold online has an invisible message tagged to it, that makes it the perfect choice for a selected group of target audience. Eg: iPhone ( Innovative & Perfect ), BLU phone( Cheap & Value for money ), Chipotle ( Healthy & economic meal ). I believe that these clear cut definitions of the product, helps a lot in targeting the exact target audience( so every penny we spend on marketing can be an easy conversion ).

Likewise, I decided to first choose my target audience by having an USP that would help me define my audience and give the perfect product to them.

So, here we are:

  • Mobile phone cases for Android Phones.
  • Mobile Phone cases for iPhones.

Doing a bit of research on my competitors for Android phone cases, I see strong competition from 3 types of people:

  • Spigen: Pricey, High Quality, Experienced folks making innovative cases.
  • Ottobox: Pricey, They focus more on STRONG cases like Armour shields.
  • Every other person selling on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc. : Normal Price, Some have bad reviews, Lot of China products.

Now, If I need to sell Android Phone cases successfully, I would need to address the following issues:

  • Don’t concentrate on the high end phones ( as experienced players like Spigen are serving this segment very well & its not worth competing with them ).
  • Lets concentrate on the low end Android phones. People buying low end Android phones would also like to have a cheap Mobile Phone case. So I would need to play the Price game & at the same time give maximum quality for the buck.
  • If Am planning to enter the PRICE game ( ie. attracting buyers by having the lowest price for the product ), I should not be selling in famous marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc. as the the PRICE war is already fierce in there & one negative review can ruin your future sales.
  • Concentrate more on theVisuals on the cases. The USP of my cases would be: Economic Android phone cases that have stunning Art work on it.

As for the iPhone Cases, the problems are much bigger :)

  • iPhone buyers are already spending a fortune to buy the phones. So they wouldn't mind getting a really good case ( even if it costs a little high ) ie. they would need a real high quality case. Which means I would need to directly compete with the experienced players like Otto & Spigen etc.
  • But one silver lining to iPhone cases is that, there is going to be a new version of it, the iPhone 7 that is going to be launched on September. Which means I know there is gonna be a sure shot market opening up & that I will get a fair field to compete in. I have time to create good quality cases & marketing materials.
  • The USP of my iPhone cases would be: Quality cases with stunning Artwork at a reasonable price.

So here is what I have finalized on selling: Phone cases for low end Android Phones & iPhone 7 cases.

Check out the next topic: Strategy on getting the products ready
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