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Jan 15, 2018 · 4 min read
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They say a trivial conversation between two random people is enough to trigger a revolution or bring about a drastic change. It was indeed a chance conversation, a normal question I asked someone, the reply to which was something ordinary, yet that was the trigger to something significant and also this very article I’m writing. Sometimes who said it makes more impact than what was said. So what was this question I had in my mind? Whom did I ask? What was the answer?

I had this thought, what did people value the most in someone, be it in their personal lives or in their professional career, what are those qualities we all must absolutely have? A friend of mine said, “It has to be Courage, Confidence, and Humor”

That got me thinking if I had any of those and made me ponder about a deeper meaning behind these qualities. We all know it. We all have it within ourselves, but what we need is a reminder and a realization at a few critical moments in our lives or career so that we don’t forget. Let me extrapolate my thoughts on these qualities which I now believe are among the most important for a person to have.

Courage, the one that makes you a Warrior

It is your ability to go forward with something knowing that it is not going to happen the way you wished it would. It may not be successful, the odds are against you but you have the courage to take it up. It takes courage to sail uncharted waters without any clear destination. It takes courage to wander the darkness as your path is lit by the stars. It takes courage to truly love someone. In career and in life, we face a lot of situations where we have to make a critical decision. It is quintessential that we have the courage to take a risk and to face failures.

“I believe it is your courage that lets you break the barrier that you are confined within. Your courage will lead you to new destinations”

Confidence, the one that makes you a Leader

That feeling that you can make it work even if it is you against the world, that’s confidence. Not too much of it, not too less of it but at the perfect amount, it is something we all should have. Most things aren’t really beyond your reach as you may think. If it takes courage to choose the road not taken, it takes your confidence and persistence to make it to the end of it. It is your confidence that lets you achieve things you had always dreamed of. Confidence should be built through perseverance and is boosted by success.

“Confidence is not about the assurance of victory but the ability to deal with failure and rise up again. True Confidence is a symbol of trust in one’s own ability to accomplish a certain task.”


The third quality is something most people overlook. If courage and confidence help you move forward in career and life, humor makes it sure that your journey is beautiful, fulfilling and satisfying for you as well as the people around you. A good sense of humor or appreciation of humor is essential for our personal well being. Humor is what can help you clear rough tides with a smile. It’s not just about humor but a sense of harmony and peace with your inner self. Your humor makes it possible for you to forge more friendly informal relations with your colleagues. It also makes you more approachable. While this trait cannot be developed with ease and sometimes can backfire, you need not necessarily have it. At the same time, never have any trait that’s opposite of it.

“In the most difficult times, don’t forget to have that lighter spot. Facing adversities, always do it with a smile”

To end with, don’t listen to those who say, “It’s not possible”. Honestly, if something is really not possible, there is always an alternative to that. You should find and pursue that instead. Never bother about those who laugh at you. Don’t escape or run away. Face everything with courage and confidence and in time you will see yourself doing wonders.

“In all critical moments in life, have that courage to take a risk, have that confidence to succeed in your quest, and lastly have that humor to travel your path in delight”

I, in fact, had no opinion as to what could be three important qualities to look for in a person but then, a simple conversation struck me with ideas and actually helped me develop new qualities. Isn’t it funny how someone can inspire us just with their thoughts? The people I look up to have all of those qualities and perhaps that’s what makes them an Influencer. Just like that, I hope this article which I have written will be a good reminder of what we already know and inspire someone else to break open from their shell.

What do you think are the three most important qualities a person should have?

This article was originally published by me here on LinkedIn.

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The Eden Of XQ

A collection of stories, poetry, and other literary works written by XQ. No part of this publication can be republished or reused without prior permission. All rights reserved.