The Lotus And The Ghost

The night called out
for one last mission.
To end the breath,
of she who held his soul,
in life and after death.

How could he draw his sword
to pierce through his heart?
But she could, and she did,
vile behind the smile she hid.

His corpse lay still,
His soul empty to fill.
I was his final foe
I was my final foe

The pain is real
The guilt is real
But I am not, my life is not,
my love is not.

We walked back to our old home,
the remains a lucid monochrome
where we dreamed of togetherness, of eternity.
Our home was not ours anymore.

It was a different time, I took a different name,
when the devil in me was still tame,
when my rose hasn’t yet built my tomb,
when my lotus was yet to bloom.

I was him, my life was his
he was me, his death was mine
We were one but two in mind

My love was an illusion, only he could see
My love was an illness that made him blind

Ensnared in my spell since then,
he was the pawn to my vengeance.
My perfect hire for a perfect crime,
his blade of regret was on fire,
didn’t miss even a single time.

As we walked past the window
I caught the smile of a different man
Stood he, at the same place you did
Another day, I found another prey

I took a different name as I walked in
It was his home yesterday, ours today
It will be mine tomorrow
And abandoned once more

My love is an illusion that only you could feel
My love is an illness that will make you bleed
My love is like the locus of a ghost
That sucks life out of you to stay alive

Another beautiful soul, as it devours,
I will remember my assassin and his rose.

Note- All images used are under the creative commons license



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