Behind the name “Edge”

It all begins with a name. Let’s dissect ours.



Both a noun and a verb, this short word represents what we stand for as a company.

We believe that the ideas that change everything are found outside of the box, outside of the comfort zone. Such ideas are found at the edge of what is comfortable and known. We invite people to seek the edge. To go beyond.

We believe in honest hard work and continual improvement. We believe in one’s capacity to overcome their imperfections and sharpen their edge. Our commitment as a team is to help create razor sharp companies and people.

The edge is the line where two surfaces meet. We exist to bring all kinds of surfaces together. Different nationalities. Different industries. Different mindsets. We are all about creating new edges. And then merging them.

That, wonderful friends, is why we raise the Edge flag every day. And we hope you will raise it with us.

See you at the Edge!