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Letter sent on Mar 29, 2018

[New Story] What makes EdTech in the Nordics click?

Hey there!

I’d like to share a story. So let’s get right into it

Since I started my voyage into the world of educational technology (late last year), I’ve always been intrigued by the efforts of the #Nordic countries. From their superb educational system to innovative startups to cross-border cooperation efforts — the Nordics are setting an example for the rest of us!

Last month I had the privilege to talk to Morten Amstrup from EdTech Denmark. He was humble enough to share his knowledge and opinions about the EdTech scene in Denmark. We also spoke in lengths about the synergy between the region — which btw was a real eye-opener!

So after the call with Morten, I gathered my thoughts and decided to write a series of articles explaining the Nordic EdTech Landscape. And here’s the first one: what makes EdTech in the Nordics click?

I’ll leave you to read it now and do let me know what your thoughts on it are.

Do you see such a synergy in your region?