Paris EdTech Days: 2 days to explore a vibrant EdTech ecosystem

We recently had the privilege to speak with Edtech Tours and LearnSpace founder Svenia Busson. She told us about the event she’s organizing next year on 14th-15th March: Paris EdTech Days.

It was quite intriguing to see how the event focuses on the building of EdTech ecosystems by taking the example of the vibrant French one.

Let’s get started then.

Tell us a bit more about yourself before we jump right into the details of this event, Svenia?

My name is Svenia Busson, I’m the CEO of LearnSpace, a European EdTech accelerator and the head of the Edtech Tours think tank, which sheds light upon innovative initiatives in the field of EdTech and more broadly Education Innovation.

I started travelling across the globe to map different education ecosystems 
a few years ago and I just published a book on my latest discoveries in Europe. It’s called: Exploring the Future of Education and it’s available on Amazon.

Svenia Busson, Edtech Tours and LearnSpace founder

In December you’ll host Paris EdTech Days. What can we expect?

Paris Edtech Days, a two-day learning expedition will allow you to discover what it takes to build a functioning EdTech ecosystem.

What are the ingredients needed to make Edtech thrive in any given city? Which organizations need to be created? Which stakeholders need to be involved?

We have a good idea of what’s needed even if the Paris ecosystem isn’t perfect and even though we still face quite some challenges, we do some things right.

Why Paris?

Navitas Ventures ranked Paris the 2nd fastest growing ecosystem in Europe in its last ‘Edtech Cities’ report.

Paris is a good example of a thriving startup scene and ecosystem in a slow moving education system. We still have successful companies who go international and are not held back by the challenges of our system, and that’s because of the fertile ground they find in Paris, and the support they get from incubators, VC funds, lobby, business clusters etc.

Previous edition of EdTech Days

Who should participate?

Startups who wish to get a glimpse of what they can get out of this ecosystem. For example, the two biggest Edtech VC funds in Europe choose to be based in Paris.

Corporations and Investors who have Edtech on their radar and who wish to know more about French Edtech, local startups on the rise and also to meet fellow investors.

We also welcome universities, researchers and any other professionals of the education world!

See you all there!

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