How to Conduct an Hour of Code - For Beginners

Hour of Code

The Computer Science Education week (4–10 December) is starting tomorrow. With it is starting the week when millions of students around the globe will undertake an Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code is an initiative by and Computer Science Educational Week to introduce learners to an hour of Computer science education.

Knowledge of programming and coding can help you create websites, apps, games, Art, medical programmes, etc.

No matter what is your profession and what are your hobbies, coding will prepare you for the technologically advacing world of self-run cars, flying drones, robot-run machines, and Artifical-intelligence-managed businesses.

I wrote a blog last week about how to conduct an Hour of Code, and recieved a comment from a teacher to recommend a few easy steps for a teacher who is organising an Hour of Code for the first time.

Comment from the teacher:

Taimaa:“Please give me short steps how teachers can start for first time to do this event easy.”

In reply to Taimaa.

Hi Taimaa,
Following are three easy steps to Conduct an Hour of code:
1. Choose a day and time
2. Inform students and parents
3. Arrange mobile devices or computers (for each student or make groups of students for sharing devices), download ScratchJr app on the devices, and do this activity:
This link has a lesson (step-by-step instuctions; an engaging story and activities in a PDF file that you can print at home or project on a screen.), and certificate for students.
And if do not have enough mobile devices and computers, you can do an unplugged activity (just print and do these coding worksheet activities with children):
As mentioned in my blog, you can show a motivational video to students before starting.
After the activities, you can print out cetificates (coloured or black and white) and give them to the students as a token of appreciation.
Hope these points help.
All the best, and have fun coding!

You can use these three easy step to organise an Hour of code, too. You can organise it from December 4–10, or any other day of the year.

Open up a new world for yourself and your kids by learning and teaching how to code.

For coding is the new literacy!