Commercial Commentary: Canada Dry “Jack’s Ginger Farm”

I Call Bogus on this Whole Thing

Watch this:

Okay, when watching that, did you see anything wrong with it? Did you see everything wrong with it? Let’s see.

Canada Dry is using a metaphor here, that their soda is so like ginger root that picking up a bottle of it is just like digging up a ginger plant. That’s bogus #1. Ginger ale, Canada Dry or whatever, tastes nothing like pure ginger root. This is a good thing. Canada Dry can only get away with this ad because North Americans don’t eat a lot of pure ginger root.

This picnic, or lawn party, or open house or whatever this is supposed to be, is serving Canada Dry Ginger Ale as the only beverage option. That’s bogus #2. Ginger Ale is not among America’s top ten soda choices. Yes, I understand this is a Canada Dry commercial, but Canada Dry is owned by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Take a look at that link as see all the other bottles that could have been thrown into that ice chest. Yeah.

Now the big one, #3. I call bogus on her pulling him out of the cooler. And this isn’t even about the absurdity of the ginger portal. Even assuming such a thing exists, he should win this little contest. Why?

Because he’s visibly stronger than she is, for one thing. Force generated by muscle contraction is correlated to the area of a cross-section of the muscle. His arms are about twice as big around as hers are.

Also, he has better leverage. Lifeguards will know all about this. When you pull a drowning person out of a pool from the deck, you’re supposed to lay down, to avoid being pulled in. This works because pulling someone over is harder than dragging a person along the ground. Because of friction.

And speaking of friction, here’s the third reason she should have lost this tug of war: he’s holding a dry ginger plant stem, while she’s holding a wet plastic bottle. Wet plastic bottles are slippery, you see, and it should have slipped out of her hand.

So that’s it. That’s everything I found wrong with this one. If you have a commercial you want me to take apart, you can contact me at “”. This has been Commercial Commentaries.



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Derek Edwards

Derek Edwards

Writer and Editor of The Edwards Edition.