Is Your Social Media Habits Keeping You Out of a Job?

There is an ongoing debate over ethics within companies using social media as a tool for hiring. Many say looking into an employee’s or future employee’s social media activity is unethical because it is their private life and has nothing to do with the company but I disagree.

Social media is more than just a connecting tool for friends and family, it is now an identity. Your identity on social media may either be your true self or it can sometimes be fabricated but nonetheless you are putting a version of yourself out there for others to see. What many fail to realize though, is that identity, that version of you, one a company would want to hire or be proud of?

I think a company looking at your online activity is ethical because if they do hire you, you will be the face of the company, as do all other employees at any level. A successful company relies heavily on their reputation in the community and if that reputation was soon to diminish, they could be out of business. There is too much risk in hiring someone who potentially could ruin their reputation and often there are tell tale signs in their already occurring behavior. What many fail to realize is that social media is not a diary or journal, but rather a way to connect with others while the world watches your every move.

Companies want employees they can be proud of but are you one of them?

Five things that should not be on social media that employee’s look for:

1. Race and gender slurs that hurt a group or minority.

2. Repetitive political statements that are abruptly represented and attacks others who have a different opinion.

3. Slander of previous jobs or employers’ period.

4. Nudity, drugs, or alcohol in any media form, especially if under age drinking is occurring.

5. Excessive profanity, trolling, or rants that target someone.