Welcome to the EMBERS

If you know all about the Scary Horror Stuff, you’ll know the EMBERS quite well. Obviously horror is the soul of this publication from darkness, but it’s so much more than just trends, news, and updates on the genre….

Rather…. The Embers are for those who love that campfire. The scary stories. As you watch the embers crack in the fire while hearing about the latest gripping tale of shadows envelope you like a harbinger of death.

The EMBERS Are All About Telling Stories Over That Campfire

And each short page you read is a cliffhanger.

There’s no telling what will happen. No clues. No insight as to how the story will unfold.

They’re called the embers because that’s how the fire starts.

Periodically, you’ll see a new story. It begins. But it won’t end — not until you see it through, but try not to freak out too much.

And the deaths get scarier!

So Welcome to One of the Most TERRIFYING Reading Experiences of Your Life

It’s nice to have you. Stay awhile. Set up some metaphorical marshmallows while you’re around, because you’re going to need something sweet to balance off the taste of blood in your mouth….