5 Prompts to Get You Writing on Your Summer Sabbatical

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Jul 15 · 3 min read

With ample sunshine and vacation days, summer is the best time to let your imagination flow. However, it can be hard to write, if you don’t know what to write about. Writer’s block is a real thing. As lovers of the written word, the Copper team can attest to this!

When it comes to creativity and ideation, sometimes, the answer you are looking for is in the question. It all starts with a good question. Below are a few writing prompts to get you started. Think back to your high school English composition class (minus the anxiety, the grades, and the pressure), and use these prompts as a springboard. Let your curiosity and creativity guide the way to a great story!

1. If you were not afraid of anything, what would you do in this very moment?

As a writer, if you think in terms of common fears and what inhibits people from going after what they want, you may have the beginnings of a good story. Is there something your characters are willing to go after despite the risk? What fears might get in their way and must they confront to reach their desired outcome? Jot down your ideas in a list or flow chart.

2. What is an injustice or wrong in the world that you want to amend?

The answer to this question might come easily; however, take time to narrow down your idea. There are a lot of big environmental, social justice, and political issues affecting our world. Think about the effects of a particular injustice on a micro-level. How does it affect specific communities of people? Who might it affect more than others? How might you address it?

3. What is a core desire that motivates you? What would you be willing to sacrifice to attain it?

One commonality of great writing is a central conflict. There has to be something at stake. The characters have to risk something or fight for something.

Think about a core desire or need: safety, belonging, food, and shelter. What or who might threaten these things? What would your character be willing to risk to attain their desire?

4. What is one of your strengths? On the flip side, what is the weakness attached to it?

There are two sides to every coin. Think about personality or physical strengths that a person might possess. What is the uniqueness and gift in that quality? Would that strength make your character stand out from others? What might be the perceived weakness related to that trait?

5. What is the biggest roadblock that you are currently facing? What is one practical way you can overcome it today?

A common part of life, as well as a good story, is obstacles. The things that get in our way and challenge us, however, also propel us to grow. What adversity might your character face? How does this thing work against your character? How might it also work for him or her?

What are some prompts that have helped you get started writing? Share them with us @meetcopper so we can continue to share them with our Copper Community.

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