A Twitch Success Guide: What Else Should You Be Thinking About?

We’ve written about the main things you need to do to be ‘successful’ on Twitch throughout the rest of our guides. But, what else should you be thinking about in order to promote your Twitch channel?

  • Diversify your content
  • Merchandise
  • Patreon

Are you looking to get involved in streaming? Why not read our guide to starting here:

Diversify your ‘content’

On Twitch your ‘job’ is to entertain people, play games and provide conversation to your community. Most people use this to educate their following on the lore behind the game, the best way to play as certain characters, the newest patch/dlc or upcoming news about the game.

Considering the above, you could consider breaking your knowledge out from the live stream and create alternative methods of content. There are three formats of content:

  • Video
  • Text
  • Audio

Video: Consider how you could utilise your video skills to create a guide to your favourite game for YouTube (or Twitch clips). Most of you will be already be doing this, but just in case you aren’t… put your highlight footage on YouTube. Popular streamers such as Loserfruit have seen huge success into translating their live streams into great YouTube content.

Text: Write a blog article on how to play a certain character or game style in your favourite MOBA or shooter. As you’ll have the knowledge through playing the games, and not all will be able to make your shows when you are live. It could also spread your name to people who had not heard of you before.

Why not start a weekly email newsletter? You can use free platforms such as TinyLetter (which is maybe going away soon) and Revue.

Audio: Why not utilise that streaming microphone and start a podcast or talk show on the latest news and patch notes?


Do you like graphic design or know a friend who does? Why not make some merch? Some cool places you can create and sell include:

You can find some cool streamer examples here ;)


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Patreon (and alternatives)

If people enjoy your content so much that they are happy to consistently donate to you, or if you have a side project you want to push, why not start a Patreon?

Consider the “VIP” content you can make for these users, maybe Patreon supporters are only allowed to receive a newsletter, early access to your podcast or free stickers!

Alternatives to Patreon include:

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⚡ Written by Mark Longhurst