Alternative Streaming Software to OBS

OBS is a free and open source streaming and recording program available on both PC and Mac, but is it the best game streaming software? What are the alternatives?

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Xplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster

Xplit have two different pieces of software, Broadcaster is similar to OBS in that it allows you to customise the entire screen with overlays and input any capture cards.

Xsplit Gamecaster allows you to stream to Twitch in a simple user-interface that works directly inside your favourite game.

You do have to pay for a monthly license for Xplit’s products, but helpfully it covers both so you can choose the one that suits you best.

I know many streamers say Xsplit works better than OBS, but the simplicity of the free tool, and the millions of people using it every day providing support and answers to all your questions continues to attract new users.

You can learn more about Xsplit here:

Review: 3/5


An OBS killer? Potentially. A Streamlabs killer? Potentially. Bebo is creating an all-in-one tool with super low CPU and built-in everything you could ever want in a streaming tool.

Functionality included:

  • Streaming
  • Tips (Zero fees!)
  • Alerts
  • Overlays (animated ones too!)
  • Built-in chat

Currently in alpha mode and with many more features to come, Bebo looks like a strong contender when it comes to a OBS alternative.

Review: 4/5


It’s not often that you get a browser-based streaming platform, but that’s exactly what Lightstream is. According to Lightstream, the tool offers “Powerful features that use less power” which is always a good thing in my eyes… especially for those with less powerful PCs, graphics cards or Macs.

Did we mention this is completely free?

With in-built support for all the best streaming tools such as Streamlabs, Muxy and Streamjar, Lightstream is a great starter option for any gamer or broadcaster. It also allows podcasters to throw a webcam-friendly video show very easily. It works brilliantly, but it is somewhat limiting in it’s options.

Question is… do you even need all those options?

One of the more difficult sides of streaming is multi-person or multi-camera streaming. Lightstream has realised this and developed it’s browser-software to allow multiple people to broadcast to the same stream. Lightstream called this Prism, it looks brilliant in allowing users to easily host a multi-person stream.

Learn more about Lightstream here:

Review: 3/5


I was a huge fan of Gameshow, and continue to think their software has the potential to be brilliant. However, there were severe issues when it came to upgrading the software and it would often delete your entire setup or error upon starting up. I queried this on multiple occasions and received no support.

Disappointing help from them led me to look into all the alternatives such as OBS, Bebo and Lightstream.

Review: 2/5


Powerful software at a high cost.

Wirecast is known more for it’s business targeted tools and highly technical options. For example it can pull in Facebook comments live, stream to Vimeo, add in MIDI controllers, image editing and multiple transitions. However, if you can afford the $695 it costs, it may be what you are looking for.

You can learn more about Wirecast here:

Review: 1/5


A free, opened source alternative to OBS. It’s quite out-of-date now but if you have run out of all options then give it a try.

The 90s are back!

You can learn more about FFsplit here:

Review: 1/5

Bonus round:

Elgato hardware — unlimited video recording at 1080p quality and 60 frames per second, many streamers use Elgato’s products to broadcast the footage and stream it through software, even more YouTubers use this to capture the game footage and edit later on.

There are alternatives to Elgato such as AVerMedia and Hauppauge. But, one strong contender being Razor’s Ripsaw which looks brilliant:

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