Interview with Streamer and Podcaster, CPalm

For the 3rd interview, we wanted to find a streamer who was not only brilliant at what they do, but expanding into different content formats to show (and inspire you) that you can do it too for your niche!

CPalm is a Twitch Affiliate streamer who loves gaming, woodworking, dogs and helping other streams reach their dreams! As the host of the Twitch Talks podcast, he shares his tips, personal stories and interviews with other streamers.

When did you start streaming and why?

Back in February of 2017. I had always wanted to stream but my college internet never was good enough, then once I moved cities I luckily had fast enough speeds to move from YouTube video making to Twitch Streaming. Also, if we want to get into the psychology of it all. I was in a new city and I didn’t know many people… so I liked the company of Twitch chat :)

Where did your username come from?

This username is easy to explain! CPalm is just a combo of my first and last name. I have been through so many different names through the years such as MANTOOTH SMG and CP Games. I finally decided on CPalm which is what a few friends would call me in school.

What is your earliest memory of gaming?

Probably playing Pokemon Blue edition on the Gameboy Color before I could read. I tried to spell Cameron and ended up with my name as CAVUAVUA.

What is your favourite memory or achievement on Twitch so far?

It would have to be when I actually successfully predicted a new trend. I saw a new game called World’s Adrift and no one had heard about it. One day I saw Summit1G playing it but he was the only one, I rushed home and bought it. When Summit went offline, his thousand of viewers were dispersed to only about 20 other people streaming it, and I was one of those streamers. That was the first time I had hundreds of viewers organically.

So you are streaming for the day, walk us through what this looks like

I don’t capitalize on having weekends free, so I typically only stream on work days. So it’s:

Wake up > go to work > die on the inside > grab dinner > then go live > stay up too late > wake up the next day dead for work

How long do your normally stream for?

I try to start streaming right after Dinner (7ish) and go until 10 or later. 4 hours is probably my average.

How do you let your viewers know when you are going to stream?

I try to give a 24 hour notice on Twitter, one hour notice on Twitter/Discord, and a ‘I’m live’ notice on Twitch, Twitter, Discord and Facebook twitch streaming groups (A good one is Streamers)

How do you mix work/life balance and streaming?

Badly! This is one thing I am really trying to fix. What I plan on implementing is a set time to go offline. As mentioned above I end up staying up too late streaming some days because it’s fun. But, if I had a set time to go offline it would allow enough sleep to function the next day and hopefully results in quality work and a quality stream the next day.

What equipment do you use?

Too much! I have been fortunate to have a well paying job and I’m also single…So that makes for a little bit of money to blow on fun gadgets.

  • Audio Technica AT2035 Microphone with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface
  • Audio Technica ATH M50 Headphones
  • Logitech C920 Webcam
  • Elgato Streamdeck
  • 2 studio light umbrellas
  • Pop up greenscreen
  • OBS Studio

What advice do you give to others who want to start streaming?

Just start. Upgrade your gear gradually. Make sure your gear is watchable at first, think about minimizing your background noise etc. But you don’t need a DSLR webcam and a professional mic in your starting weeks while you’re still getting comfortable being on stream.

Which feature do you wish Twitch had that would change how you stream?

One feature I am waiting to see implemented either by Twitch or by someone like Streamlabs is a way to NOT end your stream and switch to Mobile Streaming. Currently you have to stop your stream and start your stream on a different device. It would be awesome to be able to go from Computer to your phone instantly.

Who do you love watching on Twitch right now?

  • xQcOW for unpredictable crazy content and usually high quality tank play in Overwatch
  • Ninja for high quality Fortnite gameplay….Not usually entertained past the gameplay (sorry Ninja)
  • Singing streamers have a special place in my heart… I typically just lurk or have them on in the background but they are very relaxing. a girl named Drezzdie is one that I find myself coming back to a lot

What are your future ambitions?

My ambitions are to grow my podcast to a level that I have people asking me to be guests on it (I’m not there yet). I also want to find a job that either allows more time for hobbies like Twitch and podcasting or…quit my job.

My ultra far future plan is to buy a house with a big garage, and put a woodshop in that garage. Then stream video games, and have really cool woodworking streams as a variety element.

Thank you for chatting with us CPalm / Cameron!

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Written by Mark Longhurst