The Best Bots for Twitch

Aug 14, 2018 · Unlisted

What are some of the bots you use and love? Here’s a simple but complete guide to every bot you could ever use to moderate your channel, engage your audience and keep you healthy.

If you want to see ALL the best tools for twitch streamers — you can read our full guide here:

(PS. the majority of these tools can be used on Mixer and YouTube)


The easiest Twitch bot to use, setup and run every single stream. It’s also one of the most popular bots across both Twitch and YouTube.

The best features are the ability to remove spam (be it URL links, excessive swearing, capitalisation and emoji use), these are all customisable in case you love your community spamming chat with emotes and emojis!

You can also set Nightbot up with timed messages to promote your other social media channels or Discord community. I see many using it to remind their chat about their fundraiser or latest YouTube video.

You can also create regulars — which are essentially a form of Moderators — which are exempt from the spam filters (they can post links yay!) and have access to more commands you may choose to create.

Other functionality includes:

  • Song requests
  • Giveaways
  • Full chat logs

AND! You can sync your Nightbot commands in Discord 😲

Are you looking to start using Nightbot? We’ve written a full guide to set-up Nightbot on Twitch.

Streamlabs Chatbot

Available across Twitch, YouTube and Mixer, Streamlabs’ Chatbot can be used within Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) or as an external tool for Windows users.

It’s developed to be as easy to use as possible, allowing streamers to focus on playing their games, being creative and interacting with their audiences. With an easy to use chat, ability to manage your channel’s title and game selection and an almost unlimited level of functionality to make your stream more entertaining and engaging for your community.

So.. much… stuff! (source:

Some highlights include:

  • Commands
  • Quote building functionality
  • Loyalty points
  • Sound effects (SFX)
  • Song requests
  • Moderation
  • Mini games

PS. Streamlabs Chatbot was previously known as Ankhbot.


Fully customizable allowing you to worry less about chat spam & concentrate on creating an amazing stream and content. With some of the biggest Twitch users using Moobot, it shows the power it has as both a moderation tool and a easy-to-use chat-community dashboard.



One of the most advanced and in-depth Twitch Bots you can choose from, with full customisation when downloaded to your Windows/Mac computer. Sold as free, forever — it is also open-source, which means if you’re talented in the skills of development, you could turn it into whatever you want.

Full integrations with Twitter, StreamLabs, GameWisp and StreamTip allow you to use any tools you may already use in one place.

Stay Hydrated Bot

Based on the length of time you’ve been streaming, the Stay Hydrated Bot will give you reminders

If you type ‘!hydrate username’ into your Twitch stream, it’ll add the Stay Hydrated Bot as a mod and start the reminders.

You can learn more about looking after yourself while streaming here:

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Calling itself a ‘chat bot suite’ is not only a marketing buzzword, but a great way to describe Botismo and it’s functionality. Working on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Discord, it’s got an fantastic dashboard to monitor your chat, moderate your community and create a bunch of commands, polls, spam filter, timed messages and a built-in music player.

StreamElements Bot

If you use the rest of StreamElements products, the bot is a must-use. With chat commands, spam protection, moderation and timers build in, it’s simple to use and completely free!

The most interesting part of StreamElements bot is what they call ‘Modules’. Modules allow you to connect your Twitter account, alerts from StreamElements and include mini-games to keep your Twitch chat engaged and talking with one another.

You can learn more here:


The smallest bot in this list, CoeBot continues the tradition of all the useful commands and functionality the other bots contained. But one advantage it has is many of the custom commands that other tools require you to create — it comes built-it to save you so much time.


A new bot I found recently, DeepBot is a paid tool that brings in customisable donation pages, integration with OBS and chat games amongst the usual bot features and functionality.

While it’s not the prettiest tool in the world, if the others have let you down — it’s well worth trying out!


Wizebot has been in development by a single person for over 6 years, this means that not only has it been built ground-up for streamers, everything has been carefully made so it works brilliantly.

  • Commands for the streamer to use
  • Commands for the mod
  • Give warnings to any viewers who break your rules
  • Permit system
  • Quote functionality
  • Loyalty and currency
  • Song Requests
  • Viewer ranks & levels
  • Game of bingo
  • Viewer betting
  • Automatic giveaway system
  • More mini games

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