Twitch Post-Stream Checklist

Here’s the eight things you should be doing when you are finishing your stream. I notice a lot of streamers (including myself) sometimes just finish their stream by saying bye, thanking everyone and pressing ‘end stream’. But there is so much more to it…

I wrote this because I’m forever forgetting all of these myself after every stream, and my panic upon realising is hilarious.

Twitch Post-Stream Checklist

  1. Thank everyone for watching your stream
  2. Tell them when you are next online
  3. Host or raid somebody — choose somebody speaking the same language and playing the same game as you so your viewers have continuity (unless you want to promote a Twitch friend!) (and remember to switch off your stream after you raid somebody)
  4. Tell people where they can find you on Twitter and Discord “check below for links to my Twitter and Discord server!”
  5. Update your Stream title with the next time you are streaming “See you Wednesday evening at 8PM GMT” — this allows anybody who stumbles upon your stream while you are offline another way of seeing your schedule
  6. Thank your Twitter and Discord feeds to continue discussions of what happened during your stream — this is community management 101!
  7. Look at your Stream Summary and Twitch Stats to see what went well!
  8. Was there any funny, entertaining or skilful moments that you could share on social media as clips or highlights?

Is there anything else you do after your stream? Let us know on our Twitter!

You can download a print-out here by clicking on the image.

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