Twitch Pre-Stream Checklist

The nine things you need to have ready before you start streaming. I could go on…but you just want to see the content.

You can download a print-out here by clicking on the image:

(ignore the fact is says 9…oops).

Click the link to download the full PDF

Twitch Stream Checklist

  1. Streamers recommend you restart your PC before streaming in case there are programmes running that don’t need to be
  2. Open your streaming software (such as OBS)
  3. Are you playing music in the background during your stream? 
    Prepare it
  4. Is your audio working? Is your video working? Is the lighting good?
  5. Open your Twitch Chat ready to go and make sure your moderator bots are working
  6. Make sure you’ve got some water, some light snacks and are sitting comfortably
  7. Last minute audio and video checks
  8. Go live
  9. Finish your live stream
  10. Review your stream — what could you of done better? What were the stats like? What can you learn?

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Written by Mark Longhurst :)