Let Me Tell You Before I Forget

by Nikhila Anoth, Bangalore

In my dream world

there are no teachers,

exam is a word that doesn’t exist,

classes don’t happen in a room, and

it’s not weird to love yourself.

In my dream world

pets follow me to school,

I can climb trees all day,

play with the wind, and

celebrate the white rabbit’s birthday.

In my dream world

gender is not an identity,

time is an illusion,

my spirit is my best friend, and

faith, my medicine.

In my dream world

I travel far and wide,

play with stones and fire,

listen to the sounds of silence, and

nurture the soul of the soil.

In my dream world,

I am never aware that I learn

There is no fear of failure

There are no broken hearts

(nor dirty oceans)

Is this


dream world