Save India’s Most Important Monuments

Save the Taj Mahal!!!

Is it possible to have real knowledge and expertise without having any degree? If so, then why are only people with degrees given respect and opportunities? These questions triggered an interesting dialogue on Fatehsagar Lake, Udaipur. As part of a march trying to Heal Ourselves from the Diploma Disease in our country, a group carried placards that said that since India’s most important monuments like the Taj Mahal were all built by illiterate and un-degreed architects, engineers and designers, they should be demolished. It was a shocking situation for the evening walkers at Fatehsagar. Their reactions ranged from “Is it true?” to “Kaunse paper mei news ayi hai? [Which newspaper published this news?]” A majority of the people accepted the futility of the piece of paper which certifies graduates as ‘qualified’. The crowd agreed that we needed to challenge the idea that only people with degrees know anything worthwhile in their field and people without degrees are stupid and ignorant. We ask you: what is more important today, practical knowledge or a degree?
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