Your College Degree is Worthless

This is not a judgement, it’s just a fact.

The information contained in a degree is flabby and ridiculous

Let’s get concrete. Say you want to work for James Altucher. Two candidates apply. Candidate one sends a resume that says, “Marketing Major at Least Common Denominator University”.

Let’s go deeper

Better yet, consider applicant three. She sent Mr. Choose Yourself an email describing how she made $100 one week in Amazon affiliate fees by doing a podcast episode about James’ book, a lengthy Amazon review also posted to her blog with an opt-in, and an email newsletter about it. She also noticed he had a 2D image of one of his books on his website, so she sent him a 3D rendering of it he could use for free. She ended by saying she hopes her book promotion and the image are useful to him, and if he wants more where this came from, let her know.

“But most companies list degrees as requirements!”

Information, my dear, is costly and imperfect. Companies are imperfect too.

If a college degree is the most interesting thing about you, you’re boring

Truly. Look around the average college classroom. I’ll give you a minute to wait for a few students to pull their hungover heads up from their desks…

College is a better value for dumb, lazy people

I told you already, I’m not passing judgement, I’m stating facts. This one is just economics.

“But I waited and worked my whole life for this!”

(Well, my parents did anyway.)

I’m not talking about the future, I’m talking about right now

This isn’t some far-flung, soon-to-be, if the AI and the internets and the drones and the 3D printers do the exponential thing prediction. This is today. It’s already here. College is dead (here I am saying it on a TED talk-like stage, so you know it must be true).

Hold up! A few objections…

“You said it’s me, not some new program, but didn’t you start a program?”



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