Manifesting Itself

Every Day Encouragement (39/365)

The Encouragement Manifesto

These days, the world needs as much encouragement as it can get.

When we started to reflect — this time last year — on the community we had created during our high street adventures, the values we placed at the heart of our small business started to gently bubble to the surface.

When we wrote them down in one place, The Encouragement Manifesto emerged from our thinking; it has become a foundation stone in the Feasts + Fables story; the basis upon which we build what we do. Sometimes, just the act of capturing your values and acknowledging that they represent your purpose is enough to clarify what it is you want to be doing.

It turns out that our superpower is ‘encouragement’ … it is a multiplying effect; a key to unlocking other people’s potential; an injection of positivity or enthusiasm for an idea; sometimes ‘encouragement’ is all that is needed to bring someone else’s dream to life.

Which is why we find ourselves here … because there is never a day when ‘encouragement’ isn’t needed by someone, somewhere.

So, we decided to do our bit; #EveryDayEncouragement

Who are you going to encourage today?

Every Day Encouragement is a side project of feastsandfables Encouraging words, written and shared every day for 2021.




Mentoring, Encouraging and Supporting Others

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A life well-lived; celebrating people, places and purpose; an encouragement to stay curious, optimistic and adventurous. Newsletter, every Sunday, 6pm sharp.

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