The Silence of the Snow

Every Day Encouragement (25/365)

Photo by Fabian Mardi on Unsplash

I was encouraged today — by the beautiful, gentle writing of Sue Heatherington (whose new book ‘Quiet Disruptors Creating Change Without Shouting’ was published in January 2021) — to re-read a piece I wrote last year.

It was a piece of writing about silence. The words still feel relevant:

“Silence is the presence of time — undisturbed”

The podcast (I’m listening to) talks about silence being on the verge of extinction. The overwhelming weight of background chatter is a constant distraction. Rare are the moments when the cacophony of modern world sounds fade. Our attention spans are crippled … making 15 minutes for listening becomes a struggle; background noises attract our attention and distract us from our intention to learn. Maybe we don’t trust silence. Perhaps, we no longer know what it is. Could it be that the sounds of nature no longer open the curtains to our consciousness?

(maybe it is time to acknowledge that)

“Silence isn’t the absence of something (but it is) the presence of everything”

It struck me that perhaps it is time to open ourselves up to ‘silence’ a little more than we usually do in these topsy-turvy, loud times.

Every Day Encouragement is a side project of feastsandfables Encouraging words, written and shared every day for 2021.




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