How ghosts are made— The Blavatsky Exposition

After extensive investigation of the theosophical society’s library, the team came up with a unique explanation on the nature of ghosts; that some feelings experienced by human beings are so overwhelming that a residue is left in the space that the person inhabited while having such a feeling or emotion, much as a power-line fills the air with static.

Another way of looking at it might be to say that a certain time and place is so important to a person — a defining moment in their life — that henceforth, there will always be a part of their spirit devoted to it, an undercurrent of their thoughts swirling around it.

The team postulates that since consciousness does not have a proven physical anchor, the residue(s) remain in the place where it was originally created — to be then apprehended by others, whose experiences have been well-documented over the centuries in everything from oral folklore to the latest Hollywood films.

Whom wouldst thou summon?



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