Czero to highlight engineering services available to researchers at CSU

This Friday, February 17, mechanical engineering R&D firm and Energy Institute partner organization, Czero, will provide an overview of their capabilities and review projects that illustrate the benefits of their engineering services available to researchers at the Powerhouse Energy Campus.

Czero team members hard at work on innovative solutions.

Czero helps researchers create innovative technologies involving energy efficiency, energy recovery, and renewable fuels. The company’s core expertise includes mechanical design, high bandwidth hydraulic systems, dynamic modeling, and various types of analysis including thermodynamic, structural, thermal, CFD, and magnetics.

“We have had great success working with CSU to collectively bring in significant research funding to the mutual benefit of both organizations,” said Guy Babbitt, Czero CEO. “The combination of CSU researchers and a professional engineering team is very compelling to funding organizations and proves to be a very effective way to execute the project.”

Based out of the Powerhouse Energy Campus, Czero has collaborated with researchers at CSU for ten years, collectively earning millions in research funding. They have contributed to various CSU projects including Solix Algredients, VanDyne SuperTurbo, ARPA-E MONITOR methane detection, ARPA-E ROOTS plant phenotyping, and others.

In addition to their work with universities, Czero has worked with startups, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, the Department of Energy and the Department of Defense.

“The Energy Institute is committed to developing and commercializing solutions to real-world energy challenges, and partnering with companies like Czero helps us remain agile and responsive,” said Mac McGoldrick, Director of Operations at the Energy Institute. “Specifically, Czero has been instrumental on a number of high-profile research projects, from clean-burning biomass cookstoves to algae-derived biofuels research. This partnership allows CSU students to partner with professional engineers and work closely with industry partners on engineering projects that are making a difference.”

Researchers at CSU are invited for refreshments to learn more about the services provided by Czero during their “Collaborate with Czero” event on February 17 at 4 p.m. in room 104 at the Powerhouse Campus located at 430 N. College Ave.