Q & A with Energy Institute Ambassador Michael Somers

Michael Somers is an Energy Institute Ambassador and recently graduated with his M.B.A from Colorado State University

What is your major/area of study at CSU? — Master of Business Administration (GSSE)

What year are you at CSU? — I am a first year MBA student. [Somers also recently graduated from CSU with his M.S. in mechanical engineering]

As an EI ambassador, what are you most looking forward to or most excited about? — As a returning ambassador, I look forward to working with and mentoring the new ambassadors.

What is one cool/unique/different fact that you learned about the Powerhouse Energy Campus and/or any of the labs within our building during your orientation? — The Powerhouse is built on the site of the original Camp Collins, around which the City of Fort Collins was founded.

What is a favorite pastime or activity of yours outside of CSU? — I enjoy mountain and road biking around Horsetooth Reservoir. I also enjoy visiting local breweries and trying new beers.

If you could only eat at one food truck every single day for lunch what food truck would you choose? — I would have to choose gyros.

Would you rather be a laser or a robot? — Robot

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