Student ambassador Jordyn Dahlke accepts apprenticeship in Pennsylvania

By Shelby Condit, Media & Communications Intern, CSU Energy Institute

Jordyn Dahlke, a student ambassador for the Energy Institute, is close to earning her bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University. In June, she will move towards new horizons in a position working for Phoenix Contact — a company that sells automation and electrical components to a wide variety of clients, in areas such as clean water and energy-efficient machine building.

Dahlke’s position will begin with a year-long apprenticeship based in Harrisburg, Pa. learning about the different products offered and how to sell them. She will also travel across the country to different offices.

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Initially she learned about the company through a friend of a friend who enjoyed working for them. When Dahlke introduced herself at the CSU Career Fair, she learned that the representative knew someone in her family. The small-world scenario made the company feel like a good choice.

Some things she finds interesting about Phoenix Contact is that many of the company’s competitors are also clients, and that one of their values is to be friendly. “I really wanted to make sure I was working for a company that had good people and good values,” she said.

Following the training period, Dahlke will have a say in choosing her next region within the United States. She says she has no preference right now, but is looking forward to being able to scope out the various offices across the country.

To celebrate the completion of the program, apprentices will travel to the headquarters of Pheonix Contact, which are located in Germany. “I’m really excited to learn about different industries… You get to meet a lot of different people doing different things,” she said.

As for the move, Harrisburg is about an hour outside of Philadelphia, and Dahlke has gotten to visit once — for the interview. She believes she’ll enjoy it, but said, “I will really miss the breweries,” and seemed to freely accept the title of “beer snob” given to her on her visit.

Dahlke is originally from Nebraska, but like any good Colorado transplant, she enjoys the outdoors. According to her, Harrisburg seems like a good “woodsy” area, where she can pursue her passions. “I really like reading and yoga, and you can do those things anywhere.”

Please join us in congratulating Jordyn on her new position!